Asset Endpoint Tags

Learn how to tag assets and create groups based on assets' tags.

Assets can be tagged upon deployment using the "EndpointTag" as part of the agent installation command. EndpointTags consist of key-value pairs. There's no limit on the number of tags that can be used with an endpoint. Multiple tags must be delimited using a comma to separate different tags.

Topia.exe /SecretKey=<SecretKey> /Hostname=<Dashboard-URL>/AgentType=LocalAgent /EndpointTag=<key1>:<value1>,<key2>:<value2>


Once the agents are deployed using the tags, the tags are made available in the dashboard and can be selected in the attributes filter on the Asset Management page. The following example will filter tags with the key-value pair group:other

Groups containing the tagged assets can be created based on the relevant tag filter on the Asset Management page.