Assets Status & Sub-Status

Detailed explanation of assets' variety statuses.

After installation, each asset will start to send status updates to the dashboard. This KB will list each status and its meaning.

Note that Asset Sub-Status is available starting from version 5.0.5

Screenshot 2023-05-29 130140

Asset Status

The asset status reflects the asset's main activity status (marked in red underline in the screenshot). There are several possible statuses for each asset: 

  • Online - The vRx service on the asset is online and communicating with vRx dashboard.
  • Offline - The vRx service on the asset is offline or blocked from communicating with vRx dashboard.
  • Launching - The asset completed the first registration phase and now being installed on the target machine.

  • Via Proxy - The vRx service on the asset is online and communicating with vRx dashboard via a proxy (configured in the config file).

Asset Sub-Status

In addition to the asset's main activity status, you can find additional detailed information of asset's current activity in the asset sub-status (marked in orange underline in the screenshot):

  1. Pending Reboot - The asset is in pending reboot state.
  2. Installing Patch / Running Script - The asset is currently running Patch or Script activity.
  3. Analyzing Apps - The vRx service is currently scanning for app and OS changes.

Note that the asset sub-status appearance is hierarchy based. This means that at any given time, only a single sub-status will appear at the dashboard. The highest sub-status will overwrite the other sub-statuses (according to the rank in this article).