Getting started with vRx's REST API

This article will cover how to generate and use Topia's API key, as well as refer you to our API documentation

Step 1: Create And Manage API keys. 

"Owner" permission is required to access the API management and functionality pages.

  • Navigate to Settings -> Select the "api" tag -> Select "Create Integration" to create a new key
  • To view existing API keys, Navigate to Settings -> Installed Integrations -> Select the "api" tab:

Note: You can have up to 100 API keys at any given time

Note: API keys are valid until revoked (No expiration date)

Step 2: Copy The API Key

  • From the API page, copy the API key to your SDK (e.g postman, python, etc).

Step 3: Unlock vRx's API documentation 

  • Click on the Explore API button to get to vRx's API documentation

Looking for API examples to get you started?  Check our API Library articles.

Have questions or suggestions regarding the API? Didn't find what you are looking for? 

You are welcome to contact us via the ticketing system: