How can I deploy the agent to Assets remotely?

This article describes how to use the VDeployer utility

VDeployer allows deploying Topia agents remotely on multiple endpoints


*  WMI should be enabled in the endpoint - where the Topia agent installation occurs 

*  The endpoint's firewall should allow WMI traffic 

*  A user with privileges to the target endpoint 

To deploy new agents using Vicarius utility, please refer to the following instructions (Remark: The utility supports Windows agents deployment only): 

  1. Download the latest VDeployer from the following link:
  2. Download the latest MSI's from the dashboard:

    Go to settings → Asset Deployment

  3. Place all of the downloaded files under the same folder
  4. Execute the VDeployer utility, and fill in the following fields:
    1. IP/Host - The IP/Hostname of the target machine (e.g. or Desktop-Joe) The utility can also import a CSV with a list of IPs
    2. Hostname - Your address of Vicarius instance (e.g.
      Make sure to replace mycompany with your company name)
    3. SecretKey - You organization's secret key (Can be retrieved from the "Asset Deployment" page, e.g.

    4. Proxy (Only if Proxy checkbox is ticked) - The address and port of your local proxy (e.g.