How do I add a new Asset to my dashboard?

Learn how to deploy the Topia agent

Before installing the Topia agent see supported OSes 

To install a new Asset on TOPIA Dashboard you will need to browse to the Settings Screen, and then to the Asset Deployment section:

For each Operating System, there are two forms of installation available:

  • The two steps installation (CMD/BASH) - download the Mini Installer and install it.
    This should be used when deploying the agent to Windows 7/ Windows Server 2008 machines
  • One-Liner installation (PowerShell/One-Liner Bash)  - Copy PowerShell/Bash command and run it. 
    Can be used for all other OSes except Windows 7/ Windows Server 2008

The two steps installation (CMD/BASH)

  • Download Mini Installer
  • Open CMD as an administrator, and go to the same directory as the installation file.
  • Copy the Command from Asset Deployment under the CMD section and run it 

    The agent can be installed the same way on Linux using the "Bash" command from the Linux Assets Tab.

One-Liner installation (PowerShell/One-Liner Bash)

  • Copy One-Liner from "Asset Deployment", choose the relevant one-liner depending on the OS used.
  • Start a console (PowerShell/Bash) with high privileges, paste the One-Liner, and run it

See the newly deployed Asset

Go to "Assets" and search by the asset name


You can also refer to the asset deployment tutorial - Asset Deployment Video