How do I configure SAML SSO - JumpCloud

Integrate vRx Authentication With JumpCloud SAML2.

Please note that the SAML wizards are subject to change by the SAML provider without notice.

  • To configure SAML authentication, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> SSO ->Select Create integration:
  • Assign a name to the SAML connector:
  • Open your JumpCloud Admin Dashboard, navigate to USER AUTHENTICATION - SSO
  • On the Get Started with SSO Applications page select "Custom SAML App" 
  • Create a Display Label, modify the display options, then click on the sso tab
  • Create the IDP URL (JumpCloud): This is a unique JumpCloud URL that will be used to login in to vRx
  • Copy the IDP URL created in Jump Cloud and paste it into the integrations page on vRx:
  • Copy the IDP URL (JumpCloud) and paste it into the IdP Entity ID: (JumpCloud)
  • From vRx copy the following to JumpCloud:
    • Entity Id Url (vRx) ---> SP Entity ID: (JumpCloud) 
    • Single Sign On Url (vRx) --- > ACS URL: (JumpCloud)
  • In  Jump Check the Sign Assertion check box 
  • In Jump Cloud Activate the Integration - Confirm the the new SSO connector
  • Download the Certificate
  • Open the certificate in a text editor
  • Copy the certificate value and paste it into vRx's X509 Certificate field
  • Click Setup Integration in vRx. 
  • In JumpCloud, got to USER MANAGEMENT - User Groups - Select a user group to add the Vicarius SSO app to
  • Select Applications and Check the box next to the Vicarius SSO App 

You should now be able to login to vRx using JumpCloud IDP. 

User email address in JumpCloud must match a user's email in vRx in order to login using SSO.