How To Set vRx Protection or Monitor.

vRx Patchless Protection offers innovative in-memory protection or monitor solution for times when a patch is not available, or deployment is not possible.

Best Practice Notes:

  • Use Patchless Protection only when needed. enabling patchless protection on every application can cause extended memory and CPU usage.
  • As general rule of thumb, we do not recommend enabling patchless protection on more than 5 applications, per asset. This recommendation applies for both monitor and protected mode.

To enable Patchless Protection, follow these steps:

  1. Go on the Apps page 
  2. Search an application

  3.  Choose 'Patchless Protection' 

Apply the Patchless Protection

  1. Click 'Manage Protection' and choose the computers you wish to protect or monitor
  2. Hit 'Protect' or 'Monitor'


That's it, you're done. In case you wish to know how to track the progress of the deployment you can visit How do I track the progress of a Patch Cycle or a Protection Cycle?