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How do I install the on-premise proxy?

This article explains how to install the local proxy


The local proxy allows one of the following:

  1. A direct proxy (this server needs complete internet connectivity)
  2. A relay proxy (relay on an existing proxy)

The prerequisites for the server are:

  • Operating system:
    • Ubuntu Server - Version 20.04 (LTS)
  • Hardware:

    Size CPU Memory Cache Size HDD Total size
    Small 2x2GHz 6GB 50GB 100GB
    Medium 4x2GHz 12GB 100GB 150GB
    Large 4x2GHz 16GB 200GB 200GB
  • Allow Network (Firewall configuration)
    • From agents to Proxy via HTTP and HTTPS on port 3128
    • From Proxy to the Internet via HTTP and HTTPS on ports 80 and 443 respectively


  1. Download the proxy installation script:

  1. Copy the downloaded file to the target machine
  2. From inside that folder run the installer.sh script. The installation script takes the size (in GB) for the cache store as a parameter
    chmod +x ./installer.sh
    sudo ./installer.sh -s <size in GB>
  3. Follow the script's instructions to fix any issues with the environment

Tip: If you wish to configure authentication for the proxy, follow  this KB.

    What's next?

    Configure you clients to use the new proxy by following  Asset Proxy Configuration KB