How to configure SSO

SAML2 configuration for connecting with an identity provider.

Go to Settings → Integrations → SAML2 Authentication

To configure the SSO set up the SAML2 authentication with the guide of the relevant identity provider.

Onelogin Example:

configure saml2

How to configure SSO in Azure AD 

Enter Azure and go to "Enterprise Application". In Enterprise Applications select "New Application"

Choose to create your own app, Provide app name, and select the Non-Gallery app option

Set up single sign-on 

Select the "SAML" option

Open Another tab with Topia and go to Settings →  Integrations → SAML2 Authentication

Create a new SAML Connector and name the connector

In Azure AD edit the Basic SAML Configuration

Copy from Topia the "Entity ID URL"→ to Azure AD "Identifier" 

Copy the Topia "Single Sign-On URL"  → to Azure AD "Reply URL"

Edit the SAML Signing Certificate and set the signing option to Sign SAML response

In Azure download the Base64 Certificate and paste its content in the X509 Certificate Field in Topia

Copy the "Azure AD Identifier" → to Topia "Entity Identity URL" field

Copy the "Login URL" to Topia "Single Sign-On URL" field

Copy the "Logout URL" to Topia "Single Log Out URL" field

Save the configuration by clicking "Connect"

Users must be configured on both Azure and Topia, the user's email address is the user identifier. 

In order to add users in Azure go to "Users and groups"

Add user/group

Test Configuration