How To Create a Custom vRx Popup Notification Message (WIN)

Communicate with your users using vRx's popup - a custom notification message

Note: This feature is available from agent version 5.0.11 and up.

Whether it's informing the end-user that a certain action is going to run on the machine, or a reminder to do a periodic backup - Notification capabilities come in handy in a variety of scenarios. vRx enables you to do that by sending a notification message with custom text.

Here is how:

1) Create a "run script" auto action with the popup script

- Under "public scripts templates", search for "vRx Popup Notification Message" and click the pencil icon to edit the message:

2) Edit the notification's message and save the script

- Change the text of the message according to need

- When finished, click "Create & Add"

Tip: Replace  \""<Enter_Text_Here>\" with your message. Example: \""My Message\""

Note: The message is limited to 200 char. 

3) Run the auto action

Note: vRx's notification will be displayed despite the user turning off his local notifications or enabling "focus assist" mode.