How to open a support ticket?

Having issues or question regarding vRx? Open a support ticket and one of Vicarius' technical engineers will assist you.

Decide Severity

Before filing a ticket, choose the severity most applicable to your scenario:

Severity Description
Critical The Issue is causing downtime \ malfunction in production environment.
High The  Issue is effecting the service of  production environment.
Medium Your Issue effecting the service of Dev environment.
Low Any other issue \ question.

For Critical issues, in addition to filing your ticket, we kindly ask you to also notify your Customer Success Manager \ Integrator Representative for making sure a solution could be provided as fast as possible.

Gather Information Needed for Your Ticket

Each support ticket is different from other tickets by its nature. In order to help us help you resolve the issue, we recommend adding the OPQRST-A information, if applicable:

Onset When did the issue first observed?
Provoke What caused the issue? for example: auto action, installation of new asset, etc.
QA Can you specify exactly the steps to reproduce the issue?
Region Does this issue effects only locally? does it effect other components in your environment?
Severity What is the urgency (if any) of the ticket?
Timing Does the issue consistent or happens only once in a while?
Additional information Any other information, screenshots and logs that might help. 


To Open the Support Ticket, Follow These Steps:

1. At your dashboard, click on the support icon at the bottom of  vRx side menu

Tip: Can't access your dashboard? Are you a partner opening a ticket for your customer? Use this link to open a ticket without dashboard access.

2. Sign in to Vicarius customer platform. Note that this is a different account than your  vRx account:

If you do not have an support account , register your email:


3. File a support ticket from the main view:

4. Fill in the details

Tip: Uploading a file/screenshot demonstrating the problem is recommended.
Click here to see the list of supported file types for upload

5. Communicate with our support team until resolution. You can write a response and upload files to further illustrate the issue.