How to run PowerShell scripts with vRx

Harness the power of your go-to PowerShell scripts from within vRx.

1. Under Auto Actions view, click "Create New Auto Action", "Run script"

2. Upload your script to vRx (PS file). In this example, the PS script will simply check the status of the vRx service

PS Script: 

Get-Service topia

2. Write the command as follows to use the uploaded file and execute it's script

PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file FileName.ps1

Note: Be sure to replace "Filename" with your uploaded file name

Important: A script that requires the user to actively perform an action will NOT run (E.g - press a button, interact with GUI etc.) 


3. Select target machines (In this example - "Windows Machines" group)

4. Select the schedule - when should the command run (In this example - "Now")

5. Review the action and activate it to start the script

6. Head over to the Logs view to see the auto action's status

7. Click on the relevant row to see further detail and results

Note: The example PS script was executed on all selected machines, and checked the Topia service status successfully 


Want to explore Auto-Actions further? try our Guide to auto actions