What addresses and ports do I need to open for vRx?

Get to know the ports and whitelist requirements for the main vRx modules

1. Asset Connections & Dashboard


Assets access to vRx dashboard on HTTPS  port (port 443) from the assets to the Dashboard DNS address. 

DNS Whitelist the following:

1) https://*.vicarius.cloud
            OR both:

    • https://<Tenant Name> -api-gateway.vicarius.cloud
    • https://<Tenant Name>.vicarius.cloud



2) https://vicarius-patches.s3.amazonaws.com/

3) https://vicarius-release.s3.amazonaws.com/

4) https://vicarius-installer.s3.amazonaws.com

Note: 3rd party patches and updates are being downloaded directly from the vendors official websites via HTTP & HTTPS communication. If you are interested in limiting Internet access to your tenant or using a single port solution - consider configuring a caching proxy.


    2. Customer Portal - Ticketing system


    vRx customer portal uses HTTPS (port 443) access from the assets to the internet.

    DNS Whitelist the following:

    • https://customer-portal.vicarius.io
    • notify.hubspotemail.net (ticket response emails come from this address)

    3. Proxy


    vRx uses a Linux based squid caching proxy. unless configured manually during deploy, squid default port is 3128.

    DNS Whitelist the following:

    Make sure to whitelist your proxy's DNS name/address

    4. Summary

    The following table summarize all ports mentioned in this article: 

    Source Destination Port Comments
    asset https://*.vicarius.cloud 443  
    asset https://vicarius-patches.s3.amazonaws.com 443  
    asset https://vicarius-release.s3.amazonaws.com 443  
    asset https://vicarius-installer.s3.amazonaws.com 443  
    asset proxy 3128 Default port
    proxy * (internet) 80, 443