Syslog Integration

Use this guide to configure your syslog integraion

What Data Is Sent?

vRx can send any events under Logs -> Event Log to your syslog server. For more information, refer to vRx Event Log KB.

Prepare Your Syslog Server:

Before heading to your vRx Dashboard, prepare the following in your syslog server:

  1. Determine your syslog working method - TCP or UDP.
  2. Syslog public FQDN \ IP address & port, accessible from the internet.
  3. Recommended -  If you are planning on using TLS messaging, export the syslog public certificate (x.509 format).

If you unsure how to acquire and configure those parameters, contact your syslog support.

vRx Configurations:

  • At your dashboard left panel, select Settings -> select the Integrations tab -> under Explore Integraions, filter by syslog and select Create Integration according to your syslog method.

  • In your syslog configuration screen, configure the following:
  1. Integration name - the display name for the integration.
  2. Protocol - select your syslog messaging protocol.
  3. SSL - select yes if you plan to use TLS syslog messaging.
  4. Server Hostname - your syslog's server hostname.
  5. Server Port - your syslog listening port.
  6. URL/IP - your syslog server URL/IP.
    https://<> or http://<> or
  7. Open you public certificate file in text editor and copy the public key, including the "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" & "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" lines. paste them into the public certificate text box.

  • Select Send Test Event to try your syslog connection. A test message will be initiate from vRx servers to your syslog. If the message sent successfully, a green message box will pop at the bottom left.
  • Select Setup Integration to save your syslog integration.