Troubleshooting Failed Patch Installations

First, we will explain how vRx's patching process works:

When a patching action is initiated on a asset, whether for application or OS, vRx client spawn quite installation sequence. The installation process execution and exit code is controlled solely by the OS \ application vendor. 

After understanding vRx's patching process, when you encounter a patch error, the following steps are recommended in order to resolve the patching issue:

  1. Understand the patch status - by reading our KB about status messages
  2. Search the error code online - Searching the application name + the error code can direct you to the application specific exit code meaning. since this code is controlled by every vendor differently, the best place to identify and fix the issue is the vendor's website.
    For Microsoft products, check out our guide for Microsoft Error Lookup Tool
  3. Reboot the Asset - Rebooting the asset can clear file locks, clear up computer resources and apply any previous reboot-pending patches.
  4. Run the update manually - Running the patch manually in GUI mode can surface some error messages that are not reported in quite installation. 
  5. Contact Support - In case that the above steps didn't resolved the issue, or if you have any other question, you can contact the 3rd party vendor's support or file a support ticket

Note: Vicarius support team will gladly try to assist you with any issue you've encountered. Keep in mind that some of the error messages are software related and can only be resolved via contacting the 3rd party software vendor support center directly.