vRx Subscription (License) Screen

View your Subscription details, duration and download license PDF file.

Subscription Tab

To view your subscription, Navigate to Settings -> Select "Subscriptions":

At the subscription Tab, you can find the following information:

  • License duration - Your license begin & end dates.
  • License Capacity - How many assets are licensed.
  • Dashboard Status - Is your dashboard Active or Locked?

Getting License PDF File

From the subscription tab, you can download the following PDF files:

  1. Subscription Certificate - Include the latest active subscription of your contract.
  2. Subscription History - Include every subscription history for your contract.

To download the file(s), at the right section, select the three dots and select the desired file.

Tip: From the drop menu, you can also file a subscription extension forum and one of Vicarius' representative will contact you.