vRx Reports

This article will cover the basic usage of vRx Reporting feature.

With vRx reports, you can stay up to date with your current environment status. vRx Reports include the following:

  • On-Demand Report Engine - Generate reports on demand, customizable to your demands. The reports will be sent automatically to the logged-in user & will be available to download via the "Activity Log" tab.
  • Automatic Report Engine - Schedule your preferred reports for automatic report generation. The reports will be sent to the configured user(s) and \ or Team.
  • (Coming Soon!) Graphical Reports - Generate graphical reports in PDF format, including more eye-friendly graphs and charts.

Reports Tab (Manual Report Generation)

To enter the Reports tab, at your left panel -> select the "Reports" tab.

Follow these steps to generate a report manually:

  • At the top roller, select the reports you wish to generate.
  • Select Delivery Method - Select the user and \ or team members to receive the report via email.

Tip: You can write any email address \ distribution list address under the "Users" field.

  • Assets Selection - Select your report assets scope by selecting specific assets and \ or asset group. Note that Leaving this field without a selection will select all assets.
  • Choose File Type - Select the report file format.
  • Set Scope - Select the time range and filters for the report, if applicable.
  • Data Preview - Review a short demo of your generated report.
  • At the bottom right corner, click the "Submit" button to start the report generation.
  • You can monitor and manually download your report task status at the "Activity Log" tab.

Auto Action Reports (Automatic Reports Generation)

For information on automatically scheduling a report, please refer to the "How to configure Auto-Actions?" KB.