vRx Scripting

Execute scripts of any kind (security remediation, installation, updates and more) utilizing vRx Scripting Engine.


The scripts engine allows running scripts on remote machines. Running scripts can be utilized for installing packages remotely, remediate assets' security settings, retrieve remote asset information and more. vRx Scripting supports configuring different scripts per OS type (Windows, Linux, and Mac), enabling the vRx administrator to execute a similar script, vary per OS. 

vRx support the following native scripting languages:

  • Windows - CMD.
  • Linux - Bash.
  • Mac - Bash.

Tip: If you wish to execute scripts in different programming language, simply call the language interpreter following by an uploaded script. for example:

  • Windows PowerShell
    PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file FileName.ps1
  • Linux / Mac Python: 
    python ./FileName.py

Scripts Library

At the left navigation panel, select Vulns Remediation -> Scripts:

The scripts library view divided into two sub-libraries:

  • Public Scripts - vRx provided templates. You can be copy the template to your local script library and edit it (if needed).
  • My Scripts - Scripts created and visible only within your local dashboard.


In the new Script Automation wizard, configure the automation name and select an existing script to execute or create a new script by clicking on the "Add New Script" button:

Tip: You can add several scripts to a single Automation!

Creating a New Script 

To create a Script, Click Add New Script

In the new script wizard, configure the Script Name, Description, Target OS, and script content. When executing the script. vRx will automatically select the script best suited to the target asset's OS (Win \ Linux \ Mac).

  • For package deployment, choose to drag or upload a file. The maximum upload file size is 500 MB (megabytes)

Once the script is ready, click on the "Create & Add" button at the top right to upload the file, create the script and automatically add it to the current Script Automation wizard:

Using Public Scripts 

In addition to creating personal scripts from scratch, vRx Offers generic script library with some scripts examples. You can clone a public script to your private script library and edit it to your needs.

To use a public script, select the "Public Scripts Templates" Tab and select the desired public script by clicking on the "+" sign. If needed, you can edit the script by clicking the pencil icon.