What Information is Collected by Assets?

Endpoints send information about themselves to vRx for analysis.

Soc 2 Type II Compliance 

At Vicarius, we are dedicated to keeping the data we collect safe and secure. Information collected will never be used outside your dashboard. In order to keep the data we collect secure, we are Soc 2 Type II Compliant.

Endpoint details 

    • Name - Hostname of the endpoint; used for the name of the asset in vRx
    • Internal IP - Internal IP address's of the endpoint on all enabled interfaces, including virtual interface 
    • External IP - The public IP address the endpoint is using to communicate with vRx 
    • OS Version - Operating system and version information 
    • Domain information - Only for endpoints that are joined to a domain
      • Domain name - The Fully Qualified Domain Name of the endpoint
        (pc1. internal.example.com)
      • OU location - OU the endpoint is assigned to within the domain structure
      • Domain group membership - Domain groups the endpoint is a part of
    • Asset Identification information:  Used to uniquely identify each endpoint 
      • MAC address 
      • CPU signature
      • UUID
      • HDD signature

App details 

Application information (Publisher name, product name, version)

    • Application binaries - Binaries are analyzed to identify 0-day attack vectors 
      (EXE, DLLs, SO, or LIB)

Usage statistics 

Usage statistics are processed without any specific details and deleted within 24 hours.

    • Running processes - Active processes and tasks 
    • Network connections - Active TCP and UDP connections and their processes
    • Administrative executions - Administrative processes